Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6th 2008 - PS2 showcase announce

echo hi

Today I agreed with my network lab teacher to bring the PlayStation 2 two weeks from now to the lab for a Linux system demo. The date time are as follows:

Thursday May 22nd 2008 11:00 AM (GMT-6).
Laboratorio de redes y seguridad
Edificio de posgrado. Facultad de IngenierĂ­a CU
Primer piso edificio de posgrado frente a Unica

Everyone is invited to assist to the live demo of the PS2 Linux

Hope I can get the system configured to that time in order to run Gnome as the default window manager instead of the default WM.

I also want to configure and compile a couple of things like C/C++ and OpenGL programs (glxgears would be nice). To show that even if the kernel is old (kernel v2.2) and there isn't quite much memory space (32MB total system RAM) the ps2Linux embedded system can do many things

While I "play" and prepare the PS2 for the showcase here are a couple of related links


lol both have http://something/ps2linux/

Hope everyone can be there

byte[] & EOT

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