Monday, November 5, 2012

Apache httpd deflector shields

Today I deceided to research which HTTP status codes are supported by the Apache httpd server, browsing around the source code repository [1] I found the http_protocol.c file which describes the implemented http status codes in the daemon.

As part of my good practices I have developed an ErrorDocument template that I call "Deflector Shield" which returns a 302 status instead of 404, 403 or the awful 500. According to the official documentation [2], the directive goes as follows:

ErrorDocument <StatusCode> <Document>
  <StatusCode> is one of the implemented in the source code [1]
  <Document> is an error message or the path to a resource (either local or remote)

All this works for status codes other than 401 (Authorization Required) which require the message to be either the hardcoded or a custom string.

The custom error document directives are here [3]

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