Friday, April 4, 2008

April 4th 2008 - First real attempt

April 4th 2008
First real attempt
Today I'm installing the kit and I realized by now I need another USB keyboard (perhaps a generic one) since my DELL RT7D50 USB Keyboard is sending duplicate letters in the commands I type

e.g.: When I want to type ls it types lss

It's very annoying since I cannot enter my password 'cause PASSWORDS ARE DIFFERENT every time I type them. Lets se if i can reconfigure the module (or get another USB keyboard if it fails).

After several hours of try-and-error I gave up further trying with that Dell USB Keyboard RT7D50 and I report it will not work with the red-hat 6.2 based installer. I will try in the week to get another usb keyboard to test install with it.

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