Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 5th 2008 - First real install attempt (screenshots)

System.Console.WriteLine("hi") ;

This are the screenshots of the first attempt of having installed the PlayStation 2 Linux
into my SCPH-50001 US console

I had the problem of double characters when typing (whenever I wanted to type the ls command it appeared sometimes as lss and others as llss, it was fine until I wanted to enter root password 'CAUSE I COULDN'T WROTE TWO EQUAL PASSWORDS.

The Gear

The Dell USB keyboard (I'm mad at it for the double character stuff)

The Linux for PlayStation 2 DVD box

Both DVD look nice in the ps2

PS2 Linux installer (anaconda) welcome screen

System template selector

Partition tool selector

No partitions in /dev/hda

root partition settings

swap partition settings

Partitions layout in /dev/hda

Warning: The changes made to disk will be written

Partition format selection screen

Hostname prompt

Network configuration screen (I used DHCP)

Time zone selection screen

So far everithyng was working on rails
(some minor delay issues when doing alt+F2 to bring up tty2 and typing some command)

root password prompt screen

The passwords you entered were different. Please try again

And if the problem is ONE keyboard doesn't function with the playstation 2...

..why not having THREE ...xD

Alright it was a bad idea after all, kernel got mad at me for the 3 kbd thing

(And then I got stuck in that screen until I decided to put a Resident Evil to "calm" my pain)

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