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February 1st, 2009 - Alternate way to get video+audio input from external source in Pinnacle card

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As I didn't found a short term solution to add audio in composite or S-Video input I came up with a little hardware trick. As the previsous post said when selecting composite or S-Video input, the audio is grabbed from the last seen channel from antenna input, thus if I can only hear audio from a TV channel I can use my RF-Modulator between the external source and the Pinnacle card making all (audio+video from ext) appear in channel 3 or 4 on the TV (the modulator has a switch to select this)

The little modulator needs a 9V 100mA power source, it came with a power adapter wen I bought it a while ago. When no input from external source, the signal from the antenna is forwarded, but when a signal from external source is detected the device will modulate the input and send it to TV-OUT where the capture card waits for input in antenna source (pretty simple xD)

Here is a diagram explaining the connection:

Extra diagram if we need to connect mazimum 3 video sources (1 on RF, 1 on Composite and 1 on S-Video) to switch among them. We must remember again to have antenna input in channel 3 or 4 and if we supply audio from EXT-A (optional) it will remain independently of the selected video source.

I believe that's all for now, I played with the connections and saw the input quality by playing for a while (most all day ^_^ ), I Expect to get at least a recording of the gamecube booting GC-Linux Alpha Preview ( and if my screeenshots are good enough, uploading them to the site

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