Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2nd 2009 - Mac PowerBook G3 is here!

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Today I received a Mac PowerBook G3 and now I finally can get my hands on a mac with no restrictions (Those guys on the MacStore keep an eye on you whenever you touch the mac, thus no big fun on there T_T).

The Mac Specifications are as follows

Macintosh PowerBook G3 Lombard/Bronze (NewWorld)
PowerPC G3 740 at 333.33 MHz
66.66 MHz System Bus

512 MB RAM
20GB Hard Disk (ATA)

I'm making a backup of the Mac's hard disk drive and hope I get a MacOS X 10.0 - 10.3 CD to restore the mac in case something happens (I'm keeping this safe since I haven't had a mac and I'm pretty much new to this non-x86 hardware world).

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